The first idea of Pricesearcher on a post it note by Sam on Dec 2011

The Mission

Our mission is to empower every consumer with information, knowledge and choice

The Beginnings

Pricesearcher was founded by Samuel Dean, who started out life as a computer salesman in 1998 at PC World, right before the dotcom boom.

He witnessed first hand the shift from consumers looking to buy a PC that came with a floppy disk to the arrival of the internet via CD disks into the stores and the battle that soon followed for online retail.

Following his passion he joined Freeserve, the UK's first free internet service provider, as the youngest ever e-commerce product manager, aged 21.

The start

Pricesearcher has been on an insane journey over the last few years!!!
We're going to share much more about that very shortly, with a dedicated space which will include all the twists, turns, highs and lows of a tech startup with a big mission. We're looking forward to sharing that with you.

It's important to us that we don't stop trying to do our best work and never give up for what we believe in. We're passionate about the problems we're solving and embrace feedback as a gift whilst remembering that "it's not the critic who counts."
We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work on Pricesearcher. Thankyou.

Where are we going

Pricesearcher and the team are committed to it's cause and mission.
We treat our work as, never done, so if you really believe in something and you're prepared to work on it no matter what, you will have a good idea of what we mean.

Right now, we are focused on a few key areas such as:

1. Content Expansion

We want to continue to create indexes of valuable sources of information that matter to consumers. What this means, is that we always look for an opportunity to create new verticals of unique data inside Pricesearcher, for consumers to rely upon. Before we launch a new vertical we ask ourselves questions about the value of this data to every consumer and as consumers ourselves we have a high benchmark. A good example of this is our vouchers & offers section.

2. Fact Checking

One of the most important things about carrying data for consumers to use, is to ensure that it is accurate, we take this really seriously!
In our finance section, we use freelance fact checkers to ensure that each of the companies listed there are real and offer the services they say the do.
We also ensure that the fact checkers visit every single website to make sure that it is the true provider of that service.
Every new vertical we launch is manually created and verified by more than one person. This is a firm commitment by us and a new way of ensuring trust with our users. Whilst we use technology to improve how we store our data and process it, we never use machines to fact check anything.

If you are interested in getting involved with us as an editor please get in touch here

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