This form is for anyone that does not have a feed and would still like to get on Pricesearcher.

Feeds are better for Pricesearcher

If you can generate a feed then we would strongly advise you to try this option. Even if it means working with another party to help you.

Why are they better?

  • Structured Data
    Feeds are better because the data in them is more structured for our technology to work with.
  • Reduced Errors
    Feeds present us a way to have a defined source and structure of data that we can rely on. Any changes you make to your feed we can react to quickly.
  • Accurate Prices
    With feeds we can process that data more frequently. Which ensures that your data, products and prices are fresh! Reducing the risk of a poor customer experience.

Don't have a feed? No Problem

Pricesearcher has a public web crawler called PriceBot
PriceBot will visit your website and crawl the products from there.
PriceBot will then revist your site periodically to get the latest products.

Link to Crawl Request Form