Pricesearcher Fact Checked Data

Our process for ensuring the information you see on Pricesearcher is accurate.

Data Collection

Our data is collected by real people.
We use freelance editors to compile a new vertical for us. If Pricesearcher wants to research the UK Mortgage sector and compile a list of all mortgage providers in the UK, we give the best suited person the responsibility of researching and collecting this information.

Data Validation

To validate the data we collect, our editor will visit every single company to collect the actual company name, the right website address and ensure that the company offers the services that it says it does and is the true provider of them.

Final Check

This is the last step in the journey.
We pass the final data file to a new editor to go through the data one last time to spot any mistakes or inaccuracies. Once this has been done, all editing is frozen and the file makes its way to the tech team for integration onto Pricesearcher.

Ongoing Work

We want the most accurate data for everyone so we are always looking to improve this process and encourage our editors to challenge us with new ways of ensuring accuracy.

If a mistake is spotted once the data is live, we take full responsibility and immediately make the change within 12-24hrs.

If you have any questions about our fact checked data please don't hesitate to get in touch.