Pricesearcher Fact Checked Data

The importance of being unbiased and how we do that.

How is Pricesearcher unbiased?

Open Platform
We allow any business of any size to list their products on Pricesearcher. We do not favour any business over another or exclude anyone from listing their services or products with us, unless they are illegal.

Financial Incentives

Pricesearcher does not alter any rankings based on financial incentives. We don't allow any company to be placed at the top of our organic content in exchange for a fee. We don't accept any financial incentives to help businesses rank higher in any of our algorithms and we don't help others earn money doing this either.  
As a business we make revenue from advertising placements on our site, like Google, Facebook and Bing do. Those advertising placements are totally separate from our organic search results.

How do we stay unbiased?

A key factor to keep our unbiased position is to ensure that any business can reach out to us and communicate directly with a member of our team if they are experiencing any difficulty.

Your Feedback

For us, our relationship with yourself and every consumer is critical we want to ensure your experience is what you would expect. A major factor of this is trust and your 'feeling' about any interaction you have with us (or anyone). We want that feeling to be one of trust. So if you feel that something is not right, anything at at all, we're listening.

Reach out to us about anything to do with bias and you'll be impressed with how we handle it.